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On August 21, 1734 speculator Henry Willis was granted 2,030 acres (8.2 km Gooch wished to settle the valley to create a buffer between Native American tribes and the rest of the Virginia colony.During the summer of 1735, Willis sold his entire property to Jacob Funk."Katy Webb provides therapy to a wide range of populations including children, teens, adults, the elderly, and families.She provides emotionally-focused marital therapy to help couples work through a range of challenges.Land on which Christ Church stands was sold to the parish in 1774, although vestry records indicate burials as early as 1766. The Penny Hill Cemetery, a municipal burying ground on South Payne Street, was purchased in 1795.The land on which the Old Presbyterian Meeting House stands was sold to that congregation in 1772. In 1804, the Alexandria Common Council decreed that graves were not to be dug “in any ground within the corporation, not opened or allotted before the twenty-seventh of March, eighteen hundred and four.” While some burials occurred in the existing cemeteries after that date, the Council’s action prevented the founding of any new cemeteries within the limits of Alexandria.

It is the largest town by population in the county and is known for its pottery, antiques, and Civil War history.At least 23 additional burial locations have been identified in the Historic District; some are adjacent to churchyards, and others are abandoned family cemeteries.In early America, small family cemeteries were not uncommon. Brown, an English visitor to Alexandria, noted, “It is the custom of this place to bury their relatives in their gardens.” The oldest existing church cemeteries in Old Town date from the last third of the 1700s.Jacob in return, partitioned his new purchase, reselling a part of it to his brother John.In contrast to the English culture found east of the Blue Ridge, Strasburg was settled with family farms and towns rather than plantations; few slaves; and Germanic language, religions, architecture and decorative arts.Many of Alexandria’s gravestones of even more recent date have also disappeared, as have some entire cemeteries.