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Having not raced either Oceanside or Las Vegas before, it is hard to say, but they both have solid reputations.

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Do activities and give affirmations to your children that demonstrate your loyalty to them during this upsetting time.

Help your children build confidence in God Do not allow the relationship with a child to in ANY WAY be an attempt to replace the missing spouse OR the desire for a new one.

The first decision point is whether to date when you’re separated.Dear Jim: DO YOU HAVE ANY DATING ADVICE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE CHILDREN?Children’s emotions also go through emotional turbulence during and after a divorce. We perhaps never paid our own bills or worked outside the home. For some of us, we had no idea what it was like to live on our own. But what does starting over after divorce look like? You cannot see the forest for the trees; you cannot see around the bend.