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Recently Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo reported some rather visible banding with the Sony a9 in 2% of images shot at a soccer match.We dig into the issue and its cause, and just how relevant it may be to your real-world shooting.There are some pretty personal genres of photography out there, but this Craigslist ad takes things to a whole new level. du -skh * | sort -g - df -h - quota -g g01 - less /var/log/apache2/- - 711 - dpkg --get-selections apt-cache search deb* ip -s addr - () 755 - 644 755 , 37.1 - IP - , ssh(putty) , 22, 443 8080.

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Whether shooting a corporate communications promotion on a budget, a concert, music video or a wedding, the HXR-MC1500P offers a wide variety of features necessary for serious videographers.

While still light and easily portable, actors, performers and clients know you mean business when you’re carrying a full-size camcorder on your shoulder.

Here are some hiccups and oddities they've run into while photographing the Big Day.

Lee Filters is bringing its highly regarded Pro Glass IRND cinematography filters to stills photographers.