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Walker has been known for his political views as well, once coming under fire for saying that he didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008 and wouldn’t in 2012 either. That’s the “dyno-mite” bombshell dropped by former “Good Times” creator Normal Lear.

(Pacific Coast News)more pics Ann Coulter is best known for stirring the pot when it comes to politics and rarely ever speaks about her romantic life, probably because it would disrupt the tough as nails, icy image she's cultivated over the years. ” Social media’s reaction was more like this: “Um, what?! Earlier this week, Norman Lear dropped a pretty big truth bomb about Ann Coulter. That said, Coulter has an interesting dating history that's all over the map.Coulter has been engaged several times, but none of those engagements actually resulted in a wedding.“As we’re driving to the dinner, I said, ‘Ann Coulter will be at the table.’ [And my wife] said, ‘I can’t sit at the table with Ann Coulter, I will not sit at the table with Ann Coulter.’ And Ann Coulter was a dreamy, delicious, sweet person.” According to , rumors have swirled around the possibility of the two of them being an item for some time, though Coulter has consistently refuted those claims and has said instead that she and Walker are just close friends.