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The Australian Animal Blood Bank collects a whole blood unit from the donor dogs and then separate the red blood cells from the plasma.Therefore, we create products that can be used to treat more than one patient and sometimes up to three patients."Having worked in an emergency clinic for over fifteen years, we would average about three transfusions per week in our clinic, maybe more." explains Rebecca.As it is, the clinic is a multi-specialty clinic comprising of Surgery, Medicine, Oncology etc.Unfortunately, dogs can sometimes be exposed accidentally to toxins like Patients with cancer can also at times require blood transfusions whilst going through their cancer treatments.

For many people, there simply isn't enough time in the day to get everything done let alone waste time on an online dating site that isn't a good fit for your unique needs.

Whole blood contains red blood cells, platelets and plasma and each component can be used to treat particular situations.

Situations that can arise where a dog would need one or more of these components include an acute blood loss from trauma (such as motor vehicle accidents) or blood loss during surgery.

There is also a more even split in demographics compared to newer sites, with 48 per cent of users being aged between 26 and 40, and 34 per cent aged between 41 and 60.

Using RSVP involves a fairly simple search system, with no 'compatibility' features integrated unless you are a paid member.