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Ok, the first thing I wondered about was if this was a sliding scale sort of thing. So I don’t have to essentially call myself a number, like “seven”, which I was expecting. “Average” means “normal” and celebrities are just normal people – I knew this because during my daily Jezebel perusal, I had just seen a photo of Jessica Alba getting money out of the ATM. ” I mean, yes I’m a little athletic, and a little fit. I exercise 5 or 4 or 3 or, y’know, 2 times a week, and I only drink 2 to 4 nights a week. In fact, when I asked her what she meant many, many times, she finally said, “You look like you work out”, and when I asked her if she meant that I had huge thighs, or that I could pass for a man, she said, “No, you are just the right amount of feminine,” and then the conversation ended in real life, and continued in my head. But the question is, what does full-figured mean exactly?

I can probably proudly say with 100% confidence that I am pretty much fine with not being skinny. When I cheer for sports or wave at someone from far away, my tricep fat starts to fly.

Well, two male co-workers were talking about online dating and mentioned that they’d never contact a girl that was in that class or “curvy”, because any time they’d met one in the past, she’d been much heavier than in her pictures.

I’m wondering if this is why guys will view me a lot, but won’t make contact.

When I wear my Levi’s as opposed my Gap jeans, a bit of a muffin-top can occur.

Sometimes my skin jiggles when I move quickly, which is why my friends know that it’s a personal rule of mine that people not take slo-mo video of me.

I just feel sorry for skinny people, even though they probably never ever have crotch sweat. But there’s no way I’m putting “overweight” on my profile. I might have a little extra body fat, but it depends on how much is a little.

On OKcupid, there is an option the allows you to select your body type. Now, they don't have a full body shot up but from looking at their upper body and face, they almost always look fat. I guess fat could mean curvy but when guys think of curvy, fat is not what we generally have in mind. I'm not sure what it means, compared to "full-figured" (which is obviously polite-speak, for "overweight", "fat"). Marilyn Monroe was "curvy", and by today's standards, overweight. So if the site has both "curvy" and "full-figured", I'd say curvy means voluptuous, and full-figured means big all over.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Some women who lack a curvaceous physique may describe themselves as such because they happen to be larger. But then, larger sized women tend to be referred to as "fat" by people who think body fat is evil and unattractive. But actually part of how we physically distinguish male from female.

I'd "rather not say" how much time I put into mentally laboring over how to answer this seemingly simple question, but for the sake of this post, I will: On my confident days, I'd select "thin" or "skinny." If I'd made it to the gym for a few mornings in a row and avoided beer that week, I'd switch over to "athletic" and watch my inbox balloon.

Sometimes, I just played it safe and went with "average." But every time, I'd nearly break out into a cold sweat. The novel describes its protagonist, Fred Lemish, as having "built up his body into a fatless state of being in Great Shape," yet consistently failing in his "desperate search for permanence, commitment and love.", and even when the preference isn't directly voiced in a blurb, it often comes up soon enough.