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(hypernym) discouragement, disheartenment, dismay3. the feeling of being intimidated; being made to feel afraid or timid (hypernym) fear, fearfulness, fright (derivation) intimidate4.
Think about how you’ve managed to trudge through jealousy and possessiveness. Think about how his smile puts you in a happy place.

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As it is with his old friend Will Oldham, hunting for clues about Bill Callahan’s state of mind in his songs can be something of a doomed mission.Nevertheless, among all the equine and river metaphors, the unreliable narrators, the droll misanthropy, the unlikely romance of his later records, an irresistible line occasionally springs out.Andy Samberg is surely thrilled to get his girlfriend back.

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The Decent Album By Great American Bands Of Their Generation Not featured – The National or Arcade Fire. You can only moan for so long, especially when you are critically acclaimed and loved internationally by legions of fans.

Bill’s devotees were finally treated to some previously unseen aspects of his personality, particularly when, in one scene, Bill stops the tour van to help a baby goat who has its head stuck in some railings. We wanted to find out how Hanly, a video producer for , managed to convince the normally interview-shy Bill Callahan to be shadowed, and what exactly drew her to him in the first place…

How much experience did you have in filmmaking before you approached Bill?

Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle begins with a song called “Jim Cain”, ostensibly about The Postman Always Rings Twice author James M Cain, in which Callahan wryly addresses his own public persona.

“I used to be darker, then I got lighter, then I got dark again,” he intones, as a string section manoeuvres gracefully around him.