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Even though people didn't respond this way, Jim imagined that everyone must be privately thinking these things about him. Many are "self-medicating" -- using addictive substances to cope with their mental problems. She is the author of Radical Breakthroughs to Overcome Addictions note: Members can discuss this workshop in the Message Boards HERE note: Members can discuss this workshop in the Message Boards HERE Obie-host: Please join me in welcoming Linda Lufkin. A Pathway to Healing: One Woman's Journey through Depression Depression is a medical condition that affects the body, mood, and thoughts. It affects how one thinks about hings, and one's self-perception.As a result, he would sometimes begin to share only to freeze with fear and find himself unable to talk. Social service professionals usually do not like working with these "dually diagnosed" people because they can be so demanding and time-consuming. A depressive disorder is not the same as a passing blue mood.Head to Beyond Blue’s directory of Mental Health Practitioners to search for a GP in your area.Addiction Forum (Sex, Gambling, Television, Workaholism, Working Out, Any Addiction) Chemical Dependency for anyone who does not wish to use the alcoholic board.

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The great news is that bipolar disorder is able to be treated, but the quicker you seek professional help, the easier managing bipolar disorder will be.

Bipolar is a condition which mostly needs long term management and treatment under the advice of doctors or other mental health professionals.