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For the modern college senior, this is a busy but not extravagant Spring Break. American culture is no less braggartly than Stendhal’s, and it turns out our contemporaries are a lot less promiscuous than they appear on television. Dating, like the tyrant, seeks perfection (within a certain price range). But how, under conditions of dating, would this be possible? They take a potato and then you can stuff it with, it’s like your choice, some vinaigrette and maybe—” “That’s all right, there’s a nice fake French place around the corner. You see, I’m filthy rich now, and I’m a wanted man. But her biographer puts the grand total of her conquests at fourteen, and some of these, according to a rival biographer, are questionable—and three were “well-known homosexuals.” Let’s say ten. Read in the context of Maher’s irreverent stance on many issues—it seems that the use of the n-word was meant to remind Black liberal intellectuals that they are the wholly-owned property of the liberal elite.It was an open admission of something conservatives have noted all along—Black intellectuals do not have an actual ownership stake of the liberal establishment, but in fact serve at the pleasure and whim of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.As we quickly approach the two year anniversary of the Ferguson uprising and the three year anniversary of the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, it's more than fair to say that we are in a new era of unapologetic Black consciousness.While many have been fully cognizant of society's rampant anti-Blackness for far longer than just a few years, it feels like we are in the midst of a revolutionary social awareness unlike anything we've seen since the Civil Rights movement.

Said affairs usually start like this: You and a brother meet at an academic event.Perhaps you’re both guest panelists on some discussion about Black life, culture, or politics.You hear what he has to say and think to yourself depending on your needs at the time, “The brother is intelligent, articulate, and cute to boot.By Armstrong Williams (NNPA Newswire Columnist) When considering the implications of Bill Maher’s latest antics, it is important to level set.Maher has, over the years, become the trusted media host for Black left-wing intellectuals.His roster of guests includes a Who’s Who of the Black intelligentsia; luminaries from old stalwart Cornel West to MSNBC host Joy Reid and others have been regular guests over the years.