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At a news conference on Monday, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said Crutcher did not have a weapon during the Friday stop.Local and federal investigators are weighing the possibility of filing criminal charges or civil-rights violations over the fatal shooting.Coachella was over weeks ago, but the lens remains due to its popularity.even tested the lenses with side-by-side pictures of their editors and the dramatically lighter skin was obvious.Can you honestly think of a single person who hasn’t posed in the Snapchat tongue-out dog lens? However, as much as we all like transforming into our favorite animals and distorting our faces for the fun of it, these lenses have had their share of problems.

2011 Nesting Season: 3/7/11 First egg 4/15/11 First hatch 6/30/11 Fledged 2012 Nesting Season: 2/20/12 First egg laid 2/23/12 Second egg laid 3/31/12 Initial hole appeared in first egg to hatch.

They are gregarious, often seen in communal roosts or feeding on carrion, helping keep the environment clean.

Adults form long-term monogamous relationships and typically have two fluffy, yellow-beige colored chicks each year.

4/12/16 PM Second chick out of shell (after 19 1/2 hours hatching) 6/20/16 Tagged both chicks (#56, #247) 6/30/16 Chicks fledged 2017 Nesting Season: 1/19/17 Untagged vulture pair in tree and on ground around shed. 2/8/17 Vulture pair in shed mating and hollowing out potential nest areas. 2/24/17 AM Second egg laid (about 60 hours after first egg).

4/1/17 PM Pip visible on first egg (after 39 days).