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With the prolonged negotiation and announcement when he came aboard... However Finneran was out of work...probably thought this was an easy way to work out his years...maybe he didn't need to much $$$persuasion. Here's Jessica Heslam's article from this week: Host of issues for WRKO’s Finneran While I think the issue of the 'help wanted' ad (i.e..9AM, etc) is a non-issue...points made about WRKO's ratings slide into oblivion is worth noting.

WRKO’s overall ratings were down 28 percent among 25- to 54-year-old listeners from the spring to summer, according to Arbitron.

The more I think about it..more I can't help but wonder why WRKO hired Tom Finneran to do the morning show.

Maybe they really think that you don't need any experience to do morning-drive in a major market.

Mc Cord also did not rule out the possibility that Charles River Broadcasting would opt not to sell WCRB or its other stations.

Influenced by a wide range of music genres introduced to him at an early age, ZO!

But a spokesman conceded that the agency received an overwhelming number of e-mails – 1,800, mostly complaints – about the live radio station that played in platforms at South Station, North Station, and Logan International Airport."Not just Phil Collins, but somebody really inanely explaining the back story for that song," he added.

Never quite know what to make of Worcester station WAAF.

They've certainly had a few bright moments in the sun over the years..what to make of them these days? Greg Hill Celebrates 20 Years At WAAF So one Christmas I dressed up as Santa and went out and just randomly started handing out ,000 in 0 bills.