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Here are 4 online dating profiles examples to attract men as well as some don’ts to watch out for: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that appears to be true.

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Back in 2006, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans shocked the world with her tell-all book “Confession of a Video Vixen” which talked about her affairs with men in the hip hop industry and more. Former video model Karrine Steffans has decided to, yet again, to write another book, but this time it will be about her on-again-off-again relationship with rapper Lil Wayne.

Supposedly the book is entitled ‘How to Make Love to a Martian’ and is suppose to come out late this year.*Xpose Readers: We had some issues with the site, but we should be fully up and running by mid-week, thank you for your patience* Superhead is no longer in love and she put her business out for the world to see.

Inside's Keleigh Nealon ( Nealon) has more.

What Your Weird Symptoms Really Mean From twitchy eyes to smelly feet to frequent flatulence, weird symptoms can be wacky but worrisome. Natalie Azar visits Kathie Lee and Hoda to clear up what they really mean.

“I was offered the role in ‘The Butler’ that Oprah Winfrey played. Each of those things that [Daniels] offered me was taken off the table. It’s just what it is.” Daniels declined in 2015, that Mo’Nique can be difficult to work with. I have and will always think of her for parts that we can collaborate on,” said Daniels in 2015.

They were such an odd-good looking couple, but she was way too tall for him.

During a recent one on one interview with Vlad TV, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans spoke on her relationship with Lil Wayne, who she still is seeing despite her being married and Wayne’s relationship with Christina Milian. Karrine Steffans’ ‘Confessions of a Video Vixen’ Is Coming To Television?

Many men would pay big bucks or even commit murder for a woman like Linda. Unfortunately, when it seems too good to be true - it usually is. Linda couldn’t suck a cock if her life depended on it. She was the type of woman I call a “dead fish.” A woman that just lies on the bed, spreads her legs and thinks that simply having a vagina is enough to satisfy a man. Linda didn’t deliver the “promise” men assume a woman with a body like hers should. I guarantee you one thing: the hottest women rarely are the best performers in bed. I knew that women like this deserved to know the truth.

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