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After a creature's death the isotope would slowly decay away over millennia at a fixed rate.

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One study showed couples forced to have regular sex increased their desire for each other quite dramatically.Call it 'disgusting' or say you don't like doing it and you might as well say, 'You disgust me.When the body is truly exhausted, our desire for sex shuts down to conserve the little energy you have left for more essential needs - like pumping blood around.But if you're just in that too-tired-to-be-bothered mood, making the effort yields all sorts of benefits.

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The Android app looks a bit like this: With names like “wingedcamlib” and “skyviper”, it looks a lot like libraries in here were written with drones in mind.

Join us already.) Buckle up as your friendly hosts Will and Mangesh race you through a world of fascinating questions.

Series debuts with four new episodes on Wed, Jun 7.

If you just mean knackered out by the daily grind of life, you're better off having sex.

If there are babies involved or you're going through a stressful period that won't last, you're better off sleeping.