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All transactions are securely encrypted using Secure services provided by Stripe & Paypal to offer secure payment processing for our customers by encrypting all data on their secure servers on our behalf therefore keeping your information totally secure. Suddenly you're stuck with the check as everyone promises to pay you back later.And every good host and hostess knows that it’s the unexpected additions that bring a party to the next level.As you plan your own event, be sure to include A Flying Camera’s Photo Booths and Flipbook Station rentals at the top of your list.Sure, they can hand you cash the next time you see them, but maybe you'd rather just have the money go directly to where it came from -- your bank account.To request an electronic transfer from your indebted friends, you'll have to pick a money transfer method.It was based on VMM Basic that was developed by Balrog Software on top of Pure Basic.

Editors' note, April 11, 2017: How it works: If the person who owes you money uses the same bank, this is by far the fastest transfer method, since the funds are transferred directly to your account and are usually available within 24 hours.

I have flown it many times in low and medium winds and went 25 minutes easily. Two include literally everything you need to start shooting aerial video and photos, right out of the box.

The other two are perfect for anyone who wants to use the Go Pro camera they already have.

There are plenty of apps available now, but they're not all the same.

For instance, some take days to complete a transfer, while other promise money in your pocket within 24 hours.