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More affordable than daguerreotypes, they quickly became the most popular form of photographic portraiture.

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Crosshairs or reference lines show up on the final photographs, showing the user to see if he actually hit his mark.

The cameras were sometimes mounted on aircraft to photograph aerial combat practice, or tripod mounted for ground use.

Made of leather, the case keeps your mirrorless camera (e.g.

Sony NEX, Olympus PEN, Nikon V) in an easy-to-access location around your waist that’s perfect for whenever you need to fast-draw and photograph a fleeting scene.

Visitors are free to wander between the nine soto-yu public baths said to ease worries and bring good health.This was made in England during WWI, and is an excellent reproduction of a Lewis gun. I was curious to see how these cameras operate, so I chose the Rokuoh-Sha and the Williamson as they both use readily available film and both seemed to be in working condition.Often seen mounted on the Sopwith Camel aircraft, or used in the trenches, this was the preeminent machine gun used by the allies. Large crank on the right side winds a spring that advances the film when fired. There was originally a watch under the yellow plastic shroud on the front of the camera. As there is no book depository or grassy knoll in San Anselmo, and as police get quite excitable when confronted with heavy machine guns, I decided it best to set these up in my own back yard. It is mounted on a large wood surveyor’s type tripod, and feels very solid.Now available for rental at the Ichinose Diamond Snow Field in Shigakogen.The 328ft (100 metre)-long LFEX device has strategically-placed glass panels that are used to amplify the laser beam.If you have any problem or question, please use a form on the left. --------------------------------------------------------- Want to see Go Pro products at a shop nearby?