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Cd conversion music updating

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Do you have a large music collection ripped using i Tunes, or in a format such as FLAC, OGG AIFF, or Apple Lossless, and find that Windows is unable to play them?

Batch Music Converter is designed to help you quickly convert your existing music collection into a format that is supported natively under Windows.

Music Shifter's CD ripping service digitally archives your music CDs so that they can be stored on your computer, i Pod, or multiple DVD discs (each DVD disc holds approximately 50 CDs when encoded as MP3 190kbps). The audio contained on music CDs is a full-range pristine audio source.

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You don't have to sit and watch it and check off each individual song (like other programs) you can leave it running while you watch TV then come back and it's all done for you!

I really wanted something that would convert to 320kbps and felt the limitations of BMC should have been made more clear.

The app lets you decide how many threads to use when crunching out the conversions (I used 4 cores with 8 threads) and the conversion process was reasonable.

Step 3: Select encoding method and settings, and start the batch conversion.

Since Windows 8 would suspend apps in the background, please keep the app in full screen or snapped view mode (i.e., running on the left or right side of the screen) when doing a long conversion.