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Like most girls in her neighbourhood in Tehran, Tahmineh is a virgin. For many men, a woman’s virginity is a non-negotiable prerequisite for marriage.

Even among some of the richer classes that ostensibly live more “western” lives, partying with alcohol and music, the men will happily sleep around but will want to marry someone “pure”.

Determined to discover Iran for myself, I became obsessed with the idea of somehow sneaking in.

I had wanted to travel to Iran for many years, it is a country which has always aroused my curiosity – stunning peaks and crazy beards, friendly locals and burning flags; I have to admit, the international media had painted a confusing picture of this rarely visited place and very few people take the plunge and travel to Iran these days.

Without a defined penalty in Iran’s legal code, officers have previously used dress laws and other alleged offences including being in the company of unrelated men to harass female cyclists.

“With each passing day the mullahs’ regime is further infringing on the basic rights of women which they had fought hard to obtain,” she said.

Tahmineh believes there are rising numbers of girls like her, who are from religious or traditional families but prepared to experiment sexually before marriage.

“Most girls in my area think that just being in a confined space with a boy is a sin, but my best friend has had la-paee sex, and I know lots of girls from less strict families who are allowed to hang out with boys, but who are still expected to be virgins, so they all have anal sex instead.” This phenomenon is so ubiquitous in Tehran that anal sex has become the butt – pun intended – of many a Tehrani joke.

But the Ayatollah and the Iranian Guard should know what they’re up against.

Israel “is the only country in the world that maintains obligatory military service for women,” reports Global So we decided to thumb through some of the best (reported) pictures of Israeli women in the military to see what Iran is up against.