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In 1989 he and Jools Holland starred in The Groovy Fellers.

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Then ANOTHER one-on-one convo to talk about what people are saying in THAT chat. A snarky comment that was intended for the splinter group.

Which means you’ll also understand these 15 stages of being in one only too well… How nice to have everyone in one place - let the banter and good times begin. A sub-group chat is created to discuss the two having drama in the OG group chat. Oh crap, you just posted a snarky comment in the OG chat. This is the worst thing that has ever happened including that time you were born.

It’s like that time you saw that guy from Glee and didn’t get a selfie all over again. Georgia’s ‘booked up’ for ‘all of July’, Reanne’s just realised she’s not free on the ‘pencilled in’ August date, Georgette’s suggesting dates and venues that have already been scrapped because she missed the beginning and can’t be bothered to scroll back, while Lucy’s sulking because nobody’s replied to her idea - which, to be fair, got lost in the chaotic melee that is trying to plan ANYTHING in a group chat. I thought I was the only one who thought like this.

Rivron played the comic character "Dr Martin Scrote" on the Jonathan Ross chat show The Last Resort, the later appeared on Night Network's Bunker Show.

This became a series for Channel 4 called Set of Six about Scrote and his brothers.