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Phichit creates a group chat with no ulterior motives at all, he promises.(this started out as a joke and now my friend and i are devoted to finishing it whoops) Phichit created the group: babes on ice!! , viktor, seung-git out of my face, LION LEO, sweet_summer_child, emil, Guang-Hong, The King, chris Phichit: heellooooooooooooooooooo Fantasy AU inspired by the Jennifer Roberson's book series the Chronicles of the Cheysuli, Omega Verse.

However the young omega has lain his eyes on the tribe's best Warrior, Otabek. “Mila's coming down, too, and Sara thought the four of us could sort of double-date. You don't really want to leave me alone with those two, do you?

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Our live chat software also allows you to use personalized canned messages to maximize operator responsiveness and consistency when handling concurrent chats.Here's the lead-in to the Reuters story: A man in his early 30s was chatting about sex with a 13-year-old South Florida girl and planned to meet her after middle-school classes the next day.Facebook's extensive but little-discussed technology for scanning postings and chats for criminal activity automatically flagged the conversation for employees, who read it and quickly called police.Officers took control of the teenager's computer and arrested the man the next day.Facebook's software focuses on conversations between members who have a loose relationship on the social network.Engage in meaningful conversations with website visitors in order to offer product recommendations, promote online specials, increase shopping cart sizes and improve checkout conversion rates.