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He admitted to me he was fake when I confronted him then blocked him.
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Maybe SCRABBLE is the aphrodisiac that we've all been looking for... As he goes on to tell his SCRABBLE sex secret, he also mentions that there's wine involved.Bottles of it."Playing the game, sitting next to them while they drank wine got them exited, and as the wine went to their heads, their eyes would light up with a big smile on their face.His career at the BBC was not wrecked by racism, quite the opposite.He was appointed on merit as were several ethnic minority presenters.A man who claims to have dated almost 200 women has been banned by the agency which introduced many of them to him.

I don’t believe any such incident happened.‘He’s made some deeply offensive remarks.The British ex-miner told Metro UK that he has had his Facebook profile removed four times."Facebook don’t give me a reason any more, they just remove me," Worth said.He claimed that he had ended up in bed with most of his dates, who were mainly aged between 35 and 55. "I did fall in love with one of my dates - a lovely lady ."I went to her home and she had two cats which she allowed in to her bed too. So I said sorry, I can't sleep with cats and the relationship finished. "I had another close call with a policewoman but while she was staying with me I had over 10 calls from other women and she sussed me out.SCRABBLE may seem like a board game for word nerds only, but believe it or not, SCRABBLE can be used to lure thousands of hot women into your bed... Now, I wouldn't put much faith in his "words", but somewhere in this world of lonely bachelors, people are listening to him.