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According to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website, basic eligibility requires you to: Note: Students with criminal convictions who are incarcerated have limited availability to federal student aid. If you are on probation or parole, you may apply for federal financial aid, but your options may be limited.

Federal Loan Programs Direct Loans Direct Loansare the largest federal student loan program. The first step to receiving federal student aid is to apply online.

Paying for college can be difficult enough without having to deal with bad credit.

Your credit history can affect how much loan money you may receive.

“This sort of hands-on touch is clearly different from other lenders,” says Joseph Toms, president and chief investment officer at Freedom Plus.

Other benefits of consolidation could include securing more favorable interest rates (if you also refinance) and lower monthly payments (by extending the repayment term).The sheer amount of information and numbers can be difficult to track.If you feel overwhelmed with managing your student loan debt, don’t panic. One way to make student loans more manageable is through consolidation.Please note: This loan program is no longer in effect.There is now a true student loan available to foreign-enrolled students at many medical schools in the Caribbean and elsewhere For US students that enroll directly in a foreign school for their undergraduate or graduate education, funding options are more limited than students in the US." href=" What You Should Know About Student Loans Our own Program Director, Darryl Dahlheimer, shares his insight on how to pick the best student loan and offers an overview of different types available and common red flags.