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For an Excel-DNA function defined like this: we get both the function description and when selecting the function, we get argument help User-defined functions written in VBA (either in an add-in or regular Workbook) can also provide Intelli Sense descriptions, either by embedding descriptions in the Workbook, or in an external file.

Consolidating two balance sheets

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We’re really going to be putting together the pieces of everything that we’ve done up to this point and also some of the simplified lessons in the beginning where you first learned how accretion dilution and that calculation works.So remember back the first few lessons in this module, we looked at how you add together the companies pre-tax income and then you adjust for the forerunning interest on cash, interest paid on new debt, issued synergies, the shares issued in the transaction, then you calculate the new combined earnings per share.

It usually means your data may be spread across multiple MYOB, Quick Books or Xero data file.

Budget Link can also consolidate data from entirely different accounting packages.

It also allows you to structure the chart of accounts used for consolidations and can also handle eliminations.

Review the account listings of the parent company and all subsidiaries the parent company has controlling interest in.

For example: if the parent company purchased another company, start with the purchased company's balance sheet.