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I spent my teenage years in an area near Liverpool ( for those of you that are interested it’s called the Wirral – most people haven’t heard of it and think I’ve made it up, but trust me it’s real).I found dating at home quite difficult, mainly because the area was so small that everyone knew everyone, so guys were either your exes or your friends’ exes.Then catch a preview from the latest episode of Motherboard's web series " channel-id="57a204088cb727dec794c67b" channel-title="VICE" channel-url="/en_us/channel/vice" relative-url="/en_us/video/armpit-sniffing-speed-dating-daily-vice/57601755973ee7705f6fbd38" absolute-url="//com/en_us/video/armpit-sniffing-speed-dating-daily-vice/57601755973ee7705f6fbd38" published-at="1466005800000" season="1" episode="245" show-title="Daily VICE" show-url="/en_us/show/daily-vice" show-id="57a2040b8cb727dec794c84b" topics="[,,,,,,,]" thumbnail="https://com/images/video/1866/lede/57601755973ee7705f6fbd38-1465945414826.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;center,top&output-quality=70&resize=450:*" cover-image="https://com/images/video/1866/lede/57601755973ee7705f6fbd38-1465945414826.jpg? And by some magical science trick called “pheromones,” they might just find their soulmate. Now, instead of putting off washing it (and possibly wearing it again), singles in Houston can bring those sweat-ridden shirts to mingle with other sweat-ridden shirts.Then everyone set out smelling potential mates’ filthy shirts, “inhaling deeply” as encouraged by the presiding inventor-extraordinaire, Amber Neal.

(Dates will cost , as before, but the promo code POKEDATES2016 gives you one free date to get started.) “Project Fixup is known for creating tailored dates that enable people with similar interests to do something fun together in the real world,” explained Sarah Press, co-founder and CEO of Project Fixup, in an announcement.But having lived and dated here for over a year now I’ve found that actually the reason that gave me hope for finding someone, is one of my biggest pain factors.Yes there are 2 million people to choose from, but that also means they have 2 million women to choose from.It’s hard not to think, why is he dating me and not her?We head to London to test out a new kind of speed-dating craze that has people sniff the armpits of their potential suitor to find out if their pheromones are compatible.The instant-dating app Tinder helped olympians find dates at the Sochi Olympics, but that's just the beginning.