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Take some advice from a gal who has been there, finally figured “the man-thing out,” got married at 47 and now enjoys a stellar relationship with the perfect man…for me. I mean, after all, if every man you meet is unworthy then there is no risk you’ll actually start dating or get in a relationship!There are two things you can do that will immediately improve your experience with men: 1. Know what you want and must have, and make sure it’s the “Grownup You” doing the picking; not the 18-year-old who still expects all kinds of wacky things that no longer matter and wouldn’t make you happy anyway. Aren’t your “quirks” what you want men to love about you? • How does this belief impact your actions (or inaction), and how is that affecting your outcomes? Yep, that’s a surefire way to avoid ever being hurt or rejected.“Although my major only required one internship, I kept going back because it was a great resume builder and I wanted to have as much experience as possible.” Millennials are also the most highly educated generation to date (a feat not easy to conquer if they really are lazy AF), and are working harder than generations before them -- literally.In a study from Manpower Group, 19,000 millennials in 25 different countries were surveyed about their work lives, and findings confirmed that a large chunk of millennial workers aren't enjoying the cozy 40 hour work week generations before them were used to. millennials are working two or more jobs to make ends meet. The Myth: Millennials love whining, but don’t do anything to change the things they whine about. It’s not like it was quality, “prime” real estate or anything.That even though Grandma was doing all she could to make sure I never went hungry, there was rarely a vegetable on the plate.Calling an entire generation lazy is a bit of an over exaggeration, to say the least. In 2013, NACE reported that from the mid-1980s to the mid-2000s, the amount of college graduates taking on at least one internship grew from less than 10 percent to well over 80 percent.If anything, millennials are more ambitious because they’re often plagued by the stereotypes that define them, and therefore have more to prove. In other words, millennials are just as willing if not more to take on coffee runs and stipend-less work than baby boomers, despite the fact that a job offer isn't guaranteed.

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Overall, people are finding more success with love online than off: 77 percent of people with online dating experience reported having been in love, compared to 67 percent of offline dates who reported the same.

Tinder users are five percent more likely to tell their partner they love them within the first year of dating (compared to those who date offline). Jess Carbino found these results particularly interesting.

She lived in the projects*, and spent a big portion of her day being “Mama”to even though she was well into her 50s. Because Grandma’s house was full of people, it was never hard for me to get a hold of two quarters – ahhh, two shiny, glorious quarters – so that I could be like the rest of the kids and sit in the middle of the grass and eat my funyuns or my munchos and my Big Red pop. We say pop, thank you very much.) It wasn’t that I was Grandma’s favorite, but…. She taught me how to love, as a young girl, because outside of that typical adoration that a young girl has for her mother, you learn that that that binds you to Grandma emotionally and you understand it even more so once she’s gone. And now that I think about it, there’s a lot of things I don’t remember about that time with Grandma. I don’t even know that I remember any fresh vegetables there. All the kids used to make a mad dash back there because they were always limited in how much they had and how many kids would be able to sit in there, and if you were last, you went hungry.

I remember, as a kid, how the big thing was for us to run across the street to the convenient store and get a Big Red pop and a bag of chips. I mean, I remember my Great Grandma – my Grandma’s mother – having that gorgeous garden in her fenced-off backyard, but Grandma didn’t have that kind of backyard. As a different woman today, I can acknowledge that that housing project community was a food desert.