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The replies i've had on ff are genuine and pretty cool (couldn't ask for more if i walked up to someone in a pub or at a party).

Dating boyfriend with aspergers kudrow dating

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So while I was still in this infatuation state, I for the most part tolerated a lot of his antics but at the time, everything he did was okay, even his playful insults.

I was in that state where everything about him was purely wonderful.

We have had our emotional ups & downs, more like its more emotional ups & downs for me, more than it is him, I don't have AS, but I can honestly say I have never met anyone like him, He is kind and sweet and caring and is an amazing lover when he wants to be.

he has a hard time showing his emotions sometimes but anyone who knows anyone with AS already knows that.

After our first break up scare, he basically consumed my mind for a month because I clung to him even more to the point of where I wasn't even able to function because all I would think about was him because of my awful anxiety.

However, I'm currently working on fixing myself while putting my relationship on the back burner but my old habits do tend to interrupt me. I might as well get to the point: I've come here for advice.

We've become a little closer, but then he told me that he has AS, and when I asked him what it was he sent me a link to wikipedia. Or was he just an ass who happened to have AS and make a bad name for the syndrome? Whether you can get a suitable relationship going depends on a lot of things, and a lot of this has to do with where you score on patience, tolerance, clear thinking, knowledge, independence, strong self-confidence and adaptability. Whether a person cheats depends on a lot of things and it is just not logical to say that because a person with one characteristic (in this case Asperger's) has done something (in this case cheating), all people with that characteristic might do it. It's like saying all dogs have a high probability of biting because one bit your friend. For example, if you just started dating this guy, give the relationship time to develop.

When I told my friends about AS my friend told me the story of her ex, who was also an aspie. I've talked to my guy about this and he avoids the topic, I'm not sure if this is because he's guilty or maybe not understanding the way I'm bringing it up. As an Asperger person, he needs his time to himself.

However, with he and I being human, getting sick of him was inevitable: the playful insults, repetative jokes, his tendency to take over every conversation, forcing his ideas (and not always considering mine), egotistic remarks, and his obsession over superheroes, warframe, spongebob, and other things got to me.

It's just a miracle that it took five months for me to actually get sick of it but I guess five-six months together means that we're still new.