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Indeed I know of many people who go from such an exclusive 1-1 state to an open polygamous relationship.

Such sexual practice, whilst being frowned on upon in some societies is common in others. In any case, relationship exclusivity is all about communication.

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Sanctity & Success in Marriage 197 – 204 Family Life Bureau, Washington, DC, 1956 I have no statistics to prove this, but I venture to say that the very pagan and immoral custom of going steady too early in life is responsible for more juvenile delinquency, more sins of impurity and more unsuccessful marriages than any other single cause.

I venture to say, also, that it is responsible for most of the unwed fathers and mothers and, consequently, most of the forced marriages.

And because it concerns God's glory and the very salvation of souls, it is something we can never condone, no more than we can condone or compromise with anything else that is sinful — no matter it means that a boy and a girl are going together exclusively. They all agree that this type of steady company-keeping in itself is always some occasion of sin, and, because it is, the only reason that will permit it is the reasonable hope of marriage in the near future.

There are the conveniences of not having to drive too far to visit the store, not having to spend an eternity in the store trying to find the items you need, the store actually having the items you need in stock, and being able to easily access store employees for assistance.

If you make your framework clear from the beginning, then you won't get hurt in the long run.

Going out together - sounds to me the most serious of all, to me it means exclusive one on one Dating someone - Means that there is more one on one dates and romantic evenings Seeing someone - One step away from dating Hooking up - Sex, sex and more sex than next morning leaving with "I'll call ya" Check that page for a nice story Dating, Seeing or Involved Agree to the article: make it clear - single or involved. All other "words", such as seeing, dating, going out, sounds like temporarily involvements with a person, which can be restricted to sex or having fun together, or testing before getting involved. dating, seeing, hook up, involved, or whatever phrases, which all can mean inclusive. exclusive (if you call seeing/dating/involved/whatever as exclusive, that's your style, and it differs from culture and people and norm) I don't know the difference really, but this thread reminded me of sth. A mutual female friend was whining about her guy not wanting to get married.

Some styles of haircuts or teen-age clothing may make a kid look a mess, but of themselves these very "goofy" fads are not sinful. they frequently visit each other, alone, in a "cozy situation," like in a car, parking, at a "drive-in," baby-sitting, places where they are unobserved by other humans. So, as long as they engage in frequent kissing, then they come under the category of "going-steady" — if the other conditions are also present.

But when we come to the custom of high school kids going steady without a reasonable hope of entering a happy, holy, successful marriage in a reasonable period of time — this is a sinful custom. And it doesn't change the occasion of sin simply because there's another couple present. The Morality of 'Going-Steady' Now if any boy and girl are dating this way, then they're "going-steady." What, then, is the teaching of moral theologians about such courtship?