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is an erotic trilogy made popular by its graphic depictions of kinky sexual taboos involving bondage, dominance, and submission. It could be a total badass: the type of guy you would consider an “alpha male”.

And yet, women are totally awestruck and addicted to it…and every book like it.Costs are very low - my spend for a big night out is less than - and thats drinking good local champagne for myself and shots of tequila for the girls. Its actually great for me because I am always solo and this keeps the clowns out and hotties in. If I was to do it all over again, I'd stay at the uber-funky "Hotel Cosmos" - a Soviet throw back replete with a garish lobby and very nice staff. You have to love the sight of beautiful women knocking back shots of cheap tequila. In the end, the things that made women fall in love with these guys was always the same. And when the men in these novels follow each step of the obsession formula, women can’t help but fall in love with them and crave them on both physical and emotional levels.Christian believes the Obsession Story is hard-wired into every woman’s brain.Dodon's supporters in the PSRM have used the flag that he proposes at public demonstrations and gatherings in the past.