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He is also a DJ (being known to wear crazy patterned hoodies during his public appearances) and has released a number of songs outside the VOCALOID scene.His musical inspirations include Ryuichi Sakamoto, Daft Punk, and Zedd. It was performed at the Miku FES'09 concert and the Miku Pa Live in Tokyo 2011 Concert and is featured in the games -Project DIVA-, -Project DIVA- 2nd, -Project DIVA- Arcade, -Project DIVA- F 2nd, and Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer. It was performed at the 39's Giving Day 2010 Concert and is featured in the games -Project DIVA-, -Project DIVA- 2nd, -Project DIVA- Arcade, and Miku Flick/02 (DLC). It was performed at the Miku FES'09 (Natsu) concert, the Mikunopolis in Los Angeles concert, and the Miku no Hi Dai Kanshasai 39's Giving Day concert and is featured in the games -Project DIVA- 2nd, -Project DIVA- Arcade, Miku Flick, Miku Flick/02 (DLC), Project Mirai, and Project mirai 2, all in its DSLR remix -re:edit form.Full fedcatalog information for this network Data available from IRISDMC (IRIS Data Management Center) using FDSN Web Services.See for more information including data access tools.In parallel, the Bank strives to align its assistance with the country's priorities and harmonize its aid program with other agencies to boost aid effectiveness.The irisws-fedcatalog web service provides data discovery and access across multiple data centers.Kazakhstani electrolysis plant - the owner of the special award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altyn sapa" -...

It was then resold to Victor Entertainment with a major circulation release on August 28, 2008, making it the first Hatsune Miku CD to be sold by a major label.

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