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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is scheduled to restart for physics early in 2015 after two years of maintenance and upgrading.

The collision energy at restart will be 13 Te V, a significant increase over the initial three-year LHC run, which began with a collision energy of 7 Te V, rising to 8 Te V.

At LHC beam energies, the electric currents are extremely high, up to 12,000 Amperes, and superconducting cables have to be used.

Superconductivity is a low-temperature phenomenon, so the coils have to be kept very cold, just 1.9 degrees above absolute zero to be precise, or about -271°C.

Health-conscious trendsetters in So Ho may soon be clutching bottles of watermelon juice to quench summer thirst — thanks to a tiny, chic pop-up at 187 Spring St., by the Vesuvio Playground at Spring and Thompson streets that is slated to open May 9.

The 40-square-foot branding shop will offer WTRMLN WTR bottles for purchase and, sometimes, for free, along with private events — “flash fitness” experiences for spinning, yoga and dance throughout the summer season, along with watermelon-flavored treats, from watermelon ginger sorbet to watermelon sashimi and roasted watermelon seeds.

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It does this by reducing the window of time during which these undesired reactions are both thermodynamically favorable, and kinetically accessible; for instance, quenching can reduce the crystal grain size of both metallic and plastic materials, increasing their hardness.

With these kinds of numbers, the wave of user-data collection has turned into more of a tsunami as of late.

Data is helping brands smartly target and retain users, while at the same time consumers are hit with ads relevant to their interests rather than a bombardment of random noise.

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