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Coruscant (pronounced /'kɔɹəsɑnt/), also known as Imperial Center during the reign of Emperor Sheev Palpatine, was a planet in the Coruscant system of the Core Worlds which served as the capital of the galaxy for over a millennium.

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This is a list of characters from the Japanese anime and manga series To Love-Ru.Even without interference from Lala's inventions, Oshizu's psychic powers, or Celine jumping into his face, Rito is on his own clumsy enough to trip over absolutely nothing, and possesses an extraordinary skill in accidentally reaching his hands or face into the breasts or other private parts of any girl within reach when he is falling.Although Ryouko speculates that Rito's frequent indecency may be due to a syndrome.It was from Coruscant where the galaxy based its universal dating system.By the Fall of the Republic, roughly a thousand years after its founding, several notable monuments and structures were located on Coruscant, including Monument Plaza, the Senate Building, the Senate Office Building, and the Imperial Palace—formerly known as the Jedi Temple prior to the rise of the Empire.It has produced many graduates who have formed important members of the Botanical community in South Africa.