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Though labour enables the poor to win their dally bread, accidents, illness, old age, labour difficulties, plagues, war, etc. This does not imply an obligation of answering every call, but rather a readiness, to give alms according to the dictates of well-regulated charity (Suarez, loc. Organized almsgiving At the same time, many worthy poor people are too sensitive to appeal to private persons, while many undeserving persons assume the role of professional mendicants to extort aid from those whose sympathy is easily moved, and whose purse strings are loosened to answer every call.

frequently interrupt their labours and impoverish them. 5, ad 2am), For "it is one thing to have a right to possess money, and another to have a right to use money as one pleases." How must one's possessions be used? Moreover, how much better to forestall than to relieve indigence.

It is evident, then, that almsgiving implies much more than the transmission of some temporal commodity to the indigent. Moreover, common sense repudiates almsgiving to those in need simply because they will not labour to escape such need (St. Hence, almsgiving should be discreet, so as to reach deserving individuals or families ( 2 Thessalonians ; Sirach 12:4 ); prompt, so as to warrant opportuneness ( Proverbs ); secret and humble ( Matthew 6:2 ); cheerful ( 2 Corinthians 9:7 ); abundant (Tob., iv, 9; St. Daily experience proves that those lending a helping hand to stay the miseries of the poor frequently prepare the way for the moral reformation of many whose temporal misery pales before their spiritual wretchedness.

Adam used these concepts as a starting point and takes them even further.

His seduction skills include successful cold approaching without being part of a large social group.

He often performs short "sets" in a bar or club in which he interacts with attractive women in order to build instant social proof before approaching the woman he is really interested in.

which involves the basic qualities that cause attraction between two people before ever interacting with one another.