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And you certainly had no knowledge of his emoticon prowess. You might even have gotten married to bad-grammar-emoticon guy and had a couple of kids not even knowing that he didn’t understand the difference between and a regular face and winky face you and you would have been perfectly fine, happy ever after even.I mean, if you send me this — :* — which, by the way, what is that? And even if you did finally discover that he couldn’t correctly use an apostrophe it was too late; you were two cars, two and a half kids in and while you might imagine life with that sexy good-grammar guy, it would require way too many pairs of Spanx and actual clothing (vs.

#Ebrahim Aseem Don’t demand her loyalty without offering her commitment, because her loyalty is to her child. If you date a single mother & her child gets attached to you, then you leave, it will crush that child. Men have no idea how hard it can be for Single Mothers to deal with the baby, get ready for work, feed the baby, get dressed, clean up after the baby, rock the baby, because the precious bundle of joy is crying, then wipe her own damn tears, because girls cry rivers having to deal with the baby all by her self. If You can’t say you love your child when you grieve, over stress & over work your child’s mother by making her do most if the work. She does it all alone & is trying to hold it all together. Towards the end of the date, however, she dropped a bombshell. Everytime I see my moms, she talks about wanting grandchildren & saying she raised me to be a husband.When I decided to dip my foot back into dating circuit, I had absolutely no good reason for picking over any other service other than my fall-back decision making technique I learned back in the 3rd grade. A few single people in my life kept talking about Match-this and Match-that like it was some sort of exclusive club where they got to enjoy adult drinks with adult humans in clothes that were not made specifically for sweating in and the more they talked about it the more I wanted in.But like most things that sound good in theory, in the reality of my life as a single mom with four kids running a business and attempting to dodge the verbal bullets of my disgruntled ex, it was like a full-time job.Now I feel that my love for my son grounds me and gives a center to my life. But I don’t think I was really prepared for how much the online-dating landscape has changed.Before, it was all lengthy profiles and revealing charming details about yourself, followed by a polite exchange of get-to-know-you-banter emails and arrangements to meet for coffee.To others, the word summons horrific memories of blind dates that made you want to run for the hills.