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Dating someone who has genital warts

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If you just have to put your fingers inside your girlfriend's vagina, I recommend using a latex glove. We bought a "wartabater" and it just killed them dead. I have a wart right near a fingernail and two on my index finger. You can spread common warts of the hand to the vagina. And you still may want to use some sort of latex barrier on your fingers as was previously suggested (even after you have your fingers treated). I had 2 warts on my foot, my boyfriend had 5 on his fingers. i researched on the internet and was under the impression the warts on my vagina could not be caused by the wart on my to a clinic, they told me the warts on my vagina were caused by the wart on my thumb.(I’m not going into the management of abnormal paps here, but suffice it to say that the overwhelming majority of abnormal paps due to HPV will resolve without treatment just as the virus itself resolves.Those that don’t, and which carry precancerous changes, can be effectively treated,) 3.It causes a period of self reflection that we believe is condusive to healthy relationships in the future. It's the largest user base of people with HPV or other STDS - you can find your match based on what STD you have and take it from there.

Well that's where the question of dating comes in...i have 3 warts on my index finger and middle finger and i was concerned that if my finger was to enter my girlfriends vagina that she could get genital warts or warts infecting that area. The vagina is a very moist area and an ideal place for warts to grow. Therefore warts from you fingers cannot spread to the genitals. I had 2 warts on my foot, my boyfriend had 5 on his fingers. my GP quickly treated my problem to prevent spreading, but she also warned me that this could have been caused by a sexual encounter with someone who had a wart on their hand...with warts on your hands. Just today I went to the doctor and learned I had genital warts. Warts are transmitted very easily from one person to the other. Genital warts (an STD) are caused by a different strain of the human papilloma virus to the ones which cause common warts on your fingers. We bought a "wartabater" and it just killed them dead. finally saw my GP and she confirmed (after careful examination).being female, the practice of using the washroom and wiping was enough to transmit the "true" warts from my thumb to my vagina.though it is true that a "common" or "true" wart is a different strain than that which causes genital warts, i am a case where the common wart has infected my genitals.Why then, should a woman be obligated to tell her partner that she has HPV? There is no role for partner notification and treatment in preventing the spread of HPV.Given the ubiquitous nature of HPV infection, unless her partner is a virgin, the odds are pretty darned high that he already has had HPV. The only thing that partner notification accomplishes is to turn women with abnormal paps into pariahs, while the rest of the HPV infected men and women out there continue to copulate in blissful ignorance.Unless they have a visible genital wart, or a much, much rarer HPV-related cancer, most men who have HPV have no idea they are infected.