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The old Zildjian logos on the bottoms used to not be solid black but rather an outline ((referred to as 'hollow logo' period) The older they get, the thinner they will be as they just used to be made that way.As for finding a great pair, that is unique as the cymbals. are there different looks or generations of these cymbals? the stamps change over time as do the numbers (that's a modern thing). anything will help as i will probably get them second-hand online... The set is for my son 1950's 1960's Early 1970's 1970's (without the USA Canada? The Arabic writing that you see on your Zildjian stamp will have three or so dots in the middle of the lower script.We are constantly on the search for quality vintage cymbals to bring to our customers.Naturally, we try to find the cymbals of the best quality and condition, but often great-sounding cymbals can last a long time with small cracks, especially if they are used with care.For this reason, we do sometimes sell cracked cymbals, and price them accordingly, hoping that you'll milk every last ounce of music possible out of them.

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It seems that these were dropped from later stamps.Ones from the 80s-90s had block letters on the print and 70s ones had the hollow logos.Of course if all of these printed marks are faded you just have to go with the stamps.We generally love to think of all vintage cymbals being amazing, but there were duds back then as well.Ever since the 1960s, they have been using machine hammering ((with exception of Ks from Turkey)) so don't think you are getting some work of art here. I just know that ones labeled "Avedis Zildjian" on the top (printed) are from the last 10 years or so, along with the laser engraved 'stamp'.The limited manufacturing and high level of skilled handcraftsmanship that Turkish-made K.