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Bandy all you want about the way this new Shadow looks no one can deny how well it works. It had been a decent interval, a single season after the introduction of Harley's Low Rider, when Yamaha released its Specials.

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How would we eat all of the animals and animal related by-products stored in plastic containers (Tupperware, and their resulting parties) and neatly packed in the wicker picnic basket that we hauled into the large grass clearing near the graveled parking lot filled with the gleaming cars hot to the touch? How on Earth would we kill the army ants that deploy themselves at the very base of our food; battalions of ants enlisted against their will for the good of their colony, the good of their Nation? Without plastic we wouldn’t have advertisements for plastic related products, undulating and luminous as they move across our eyes, inserting barely perceptible urges into our brains.

―with our feet most likely: rubber-soled or steel-toed, perhaps both. The one where the child touches the side of the father’s whiskered face always makes me cry.

I will be rolling on-(xtsy) or We will be, lol so must be cool with that, I can travel to you etc! Nephi ma nude amature girls webcam sex md BBW seeking KINKY, well endowed. Im looking for a friend, someone to get cuddly with and fall asleep next to.

Iam very chill and down to earth, married for married 4 platonic 61356 very clean etc..... The pics are not me, but i have pics in return as well! Not looking for intercourse but if we click well and it happens, bbw seeks Dickinson first it happens.

That’s right, I’m one of, well, 1200 film blogs that have been recognized as worthy of some attention, or at least a fleeting glance. Next, I’ll be setting my sites on inclusion in the A: In exciting and meaningful ways to be sure. Before plastic came along straws were made of wood which sometimes left splinters in the lips. Discounts are sometimes passed along if bought in bulk (but I didn’t tell you).

(Although according to one website where you can buy the program, "you'll need to be at your most persuasive to get her to show them to you though".) But while having a virtual girlfriend is no replacement for the real deal, (although some might argue the online version is a whole lot easier to please and understand), it seems many are still obsessed with the notion that she does indeed exist ... I'm sure a lot of men are happy with their partners and wouldn't change them, but they will never turn down eye candy walking down the road... - yes and no - hair colour doesn't bother me, I don't care how much she earns or what she drives (if at all), don't care if she drinks or smokes (they are her choices - don't want an alco though - been there, done that), size 12 is far too big, prefer size 6 or 8, possibly 10 if she is tall, height doesn't really matter though, don't care about living status I want someone in her early to mid-20s (up to 30 is ok though), with a fun, bubbly easy-going nature, high sex drive, good conversationalist, sense of humour, little hard body who doesn't carry on with too much [email protected] Posted by: Torchwood82 on May 12, 2008 PM Ditto It's funny cos I also like blond blue eyes, but thats what I prefer not what I must have. Five feet eight inches tall - agree, even taller 5. A size 12 - I would say 8-10 but hey each to their own. Good in bed - Subjective, I would say a good dancer or does yoga. But lets face it, not every gal is a dead ringer for a super model and physical beauty does fade. Wacky personality - Partly, too wacky just gets freaky 13. Just like with an immature wine that has strong tanins, you might persevere for a short while with it until you get to pick a new one - most prob in a new restaurant that you like better. What happens is that a different portion of the respondents determine each attribute. the left side of the pack might be the majority on hair while the right side of the pack might be the majority on eyes. Long blonde hair( no prefer red heads, then brunettes) 3. Five feet eight inches tall(or taller up to 6'1" 5. Rents a house or flat( I dont get this one at all) 14. Owns a Ford Ka or Mazda MX5(dont know about the for ka) 16. No children(depends on what the kids are like, if theyre too much like her ex, forget it) 18. Its not a hugely surprising result, as low self-esteem girls seem to aim to be like Paris Hilton _ inevitabliy without the bank account, and plenty of boys seems to encourage this lack of empowerment and imagination. *sneaks out to watch TV* or *sneaks into spare bedroom* or jeez sky is the limit so many things to do but limited by ideas :( house bound :( ideal partner hard to come by... Five feet eight inches tall Again I don't much care about height. Good in bed I'm a virgin, who am I to be picky ;) 8. If this survey was in the US, where it is a true melting pot. In short people in UK and Australia still have a kind of narrow thinking. Must have hair, on head (or else, concede they are balding and be confident enough to still look hot). Surely if you had a beard as a teenager, this does not simply disappear with age and weight gain. ;) So, by looking at this survey, Um, wouldn't a woman standing 5'8'' and 60 kg be a little too skinny? If this survey was filled out by Asians instead of Brits there would be a very different list. Oh -- and whats with the name, cant admit to who you normally post as ?

While most gents have yet to find her, when the website Worth1000summoned Photoshop geniuses the world over to create such a female, hundreds of techno-designers rushed to participate. I've never met a bloke that doesn't get a bit partial to a bit of eye candy floating about! :) I still go for personality, good salsa dancer and he must make me laugh. Only problem, once picked - your stuck with the same wine for the rest of your life (marriage) - so choose wisely. As the wine ages, it should improve - yet we all know sometimes old wine turns into vineager - suggest to check the older vintages (the mother in law) for progressive signs of early corkage. So you end up with a Frankenstein's monster in which nothing matches anything else and the girl as a whole just does not plain work! I for one, possess few of these "criteria" and am happy to be lacking! so I say why does everyone become couples when they are not meant to be... Occasionally wears glasses Glasses can be cute, no glasses is fine too. I'm 6'2" so as long as she's not taller than me (unlikely) I'm happy. Weighs around 9.5 stones Whatever that is in metric. Earns less than ,000 a year I don't think its the amount of money that bothers me but I think it would feel kinda weird to live in a situation where you're partner worked many more hours than you. Very good looking I never seem to be attracted to the really good looking women, just women who seem interesting & charismatic. Feel free to prove me wrong but I'm not the only one who says that. Posted by: Geekgirl on May 13, 2008 AM Not really. It also fails to list one of the more important traits which is - the ideal woman is interested in them. Drinks occasionally - Can make things amsuing at times! Loves clubbing - Loves going out and doing things not just wasting your life in a club! In short people in UK and Australia still have a kind of narrow thinking.

Their mission was this: to produce entirely new paragons of beauty from using the body parts of the world's hottest celebrity females. Firstly, Sam, I hope you at some stage you open this up for the femmes to comment on their perfect man (maybe a composit of the Cleo Most Eligible Bachelors, if no similar research is available) - rather than the alternate of buying a weird looking blanky ;-) Anyway . Just like batteries, we all have a positive and negative. Thats nearly twice what I take home, but still not enough to keep me in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed 10. I celebrate having a brain, running my own business, earning a decent wage and not spending hours in the haridressers to get generic blonde hair. its just ruining their chances of finding their tick box partner because they are already taken... Blue eyes Blue, green, brown I don't care all can look very pretty on the right face. Long blonde hair I prefer medium to long hair but I don't care if its blonde, brunette, black, red. Generally I prefer an athletic or average body type. Funny, but my friends and I were just revising our "12 criteria" for men today: 1. Possibly - Depends on YOUR income though - 1/2 Tick : P 2. Personally I think glossy black hair is the most attractive colour umm.. Feel free to prove me wrong but I'm not the only one who says that.

The catch was to morph the parts so the celebrity looks as natural as possible (although many end up looking like a bad version of Joan Rivers), and to do it all within 48 hours. "Firstly, Sam, I hope you at some stage you open this up for the femmes to comment on their perfect man (maybe a composit of the Cleo Most Eligible Bachelors, if no similar research is available) - rather than the alternate of buying a weird looking blanky ;-)" Posted by: Mr Ben Darcy on May 12, 2008 PM Bender: 13 & 17 1. Has hair, I personally prefer red, but any colour is fine 3. Good in bed- its not that important so dont really care 8. Very good looking- Im not so I cant really ask the same now can I? Wacky personality- any personality will do, as long as shes got one 13. and their equal half is just gonna shrug their shoulders and say... Sexual performance must be, at least, exceptional, ie. so this list was compiled via a survey of male members of a British dating website. Something better if you ask me personally though 16. Posted by: Overseas Hunk on May 13, 2008 AM I can't comment on all of the UK, but in London the Essex girl still reigns peroxide blonde, usually very slim / skinny, fake tan (always a little odd in a place that is cold for most of the year), very high heels she can't quite walk in properly and a lot of girls I know wear blue contact lenses (they also believe men like blue eyes more and think it's cool because Paris Hilton does it she actually has brown eyes).