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Good solid advice and insights into the world of meeting women during the daytime.Unfortunate tie between Magic Bullets that means its a pre-requisite to reading this, despite quite a bit of overlap of content between the two.

Daytime Dating takes you step by step through what is important to being successful at meeting women in the daytime and how to execute.with that in mind, u need practice because u are not really learning by reading nor getting results nor be able to assess any information that worked for someone without personal experience to compare with. but my question is, would someone new with the game, if they just read one book for example daytime dating.would they be ablle to learn all they need to maybe just even get laid?In execution it starts with how to prepare before meeting a woman, then moves to how and where to meet her, and take you through the things you will need to do to successful escalate into dating her or escalating physically.The content is effective, and we've rated it an 8 on that dimension.Inside, you will find:• What is the best way to approach a woman during the day? • How do I go about setting up a date/meeting up later? Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can only meet women during the night time!