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“We look for glacial deposits, and we use all manner of different means to figure out how old they are.” The team collected samples from these glacial deposits, also known as moraines, which are essentially piles of rocks, sand and dirt left behind by flowing ice.

By measuring the amount of cosmic radiation the rocks have been exposed to, the research team can map out the reach of ancient glaciers at different points in the past.

In recent years, the facility has expanded to include flights that go even farther.

One of the first notable flights of this era was LADEE (The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer), which launched from the facility in 2013.

“We can compare that to climate records and see how the ice sheet responds to warmer periods, colder periods and things like that,” said Gordon Bromley, a geologist at the University of Maine.

Knowing the extent of the ice sheets throughout different climatic conditions over the last 15 million years will offer insights into their possible future as the planet warms from climate change.

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Dating back to Edward the Confessor (1042) and divided into two rooms, the East and West Crypts are equally atmospheric, yet completely different in style.

They wanted to visit it because previous surveys showed it is covered in moraines pushed into their present location from the ancient movements of the East Antarctica Ice Sheet.

“We use those mountains as a yardstick basically because as the ice sheet grows or shrinks, it goes up and down the sides of these mountains, and it leaves moraines as it does so,” Bromley said.