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The story is set in 1974 in Los Angeles with heiress Patty Hearst on the lam.

(Yeah, he really sent anal beads and a live rat.) None of those Letos would surprise me. ” “You know, it’s like when you’re a kid and you see a tree, and you climb it. Gossip at the time suggested that Heath Ledger’s transformation into the Joker on-screen might have contributed to his death. I’ve always liked actors like Peter Sellers, Daniel Day-Lewis, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn—actors who do get lost in their roles and build really powerful or arresting characters. I think I’m better onstage than almost anything I’ve ever done in my life. I know you guys were more bohemian, but there must have been a lot of religion in Bossier City. No, it’s really just always been my brother, my mother, and I. But when I look back on it, I can now see a single mother struggling and working hard and not having, you know, a lot of luxury around. I’m assuming that when young Jared pictured his future, he saw something similar to the traveling bohemian actor-musician you’ve become and not a casino worker or whatever in Bossier City.

The new “Suicide Squad” trailer is here, showing the villains in more action.

The new look at the upcoming comic-book film dropped Tuesday night during “DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League”…

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Leto is the lead vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and main songwriter for Thirty Seconds to Mars, a band he formed in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, with his older brother Shannon Leto. Especially the next President of the United States of America. Here, the Oscar-winner gives his most in-depth interview ever—and dons the best clothes from this fall’s Italian fashion collections at our photo shoot in Milan, Italy. And the chillest—considering she’s at work at the moment. Monday he could be ass-naked in a Terry Richardson photo shoot. Rather, he’s known what it’s like to be a mischievous showman all along. It seemed impossible to follow a beloved deceased person’s perfect performance of such a cult character. But in a way, the fact that it has been interpreted so many times I think gave me a great sense of freedom and permission to walk down a different path. Do you think that your music is a better way to get to know Jared? If you’ve seen me at a concert, you probably would get to know me a lot. You guys were both born in Bossier City, Louisiana. You couldn’t seem less like someone from Bossier City. But for me, you know, I don’t think there’s a bearded dude up there that’s like, I’m not even sure this is all real. If you look at VR these days and then compare it to the first manned controlled flight by the Wright brothers in 1903 or 1904, whatever it is, and how far we’ve come in just that short amount of time, who knows what VR is gonna be 100 years from now. These are just a few of the qualities a great leader must have. And it is you who will make a decision that will help shape the world for generations to come. In fact, he’s spent his 22-year career confounding expectations and swan-diving off the pop-culture grid. (It doesn’t have a penis-shaped trampoline in the backyard.) “I’ll go get Jared, cool? Jared walks into the living room, clutching a bowl of oatmeal like it’s a newborn. In my mind, Jared Leto is one of the last true Hollywood mysteries. (More on this later.) or on late-night shows—and basically any other time he isn’t acting or performing with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars—he looks very chill. Around 2014, he sported a full beard and long hair. It makes me think that maybe when he was developing his Joker, he wasn’t taking cues from comic books or Jack Nicholson. Even when you were a kid, you didn’t want to be famous? I remember after the success of Heath Ledger’s Joker thinking no one would want to take on that role again. I’m sure that I considered everything when I got the call. Number one, Heath Ledger: Not only was he perfect as the Joker—perfect. Not only was he perfect in that role, but it’s probably one of the best performances, not just of a villain but maybe one of the best performances on film, period. Then you have 75 years that the Joker has been written about and brought to life by artists. Will Smith recently said that he’s never actually met Jared Leto, just the Joker. That’s actually my belief: People should believe whatever they want to believe. And I think that’s the interesting thing about a creative life: It usually puts you on a road slightly less traveled. The film will be produced by writer/producer Dick Wolf and Tony Ganz of Wolf Films. Leto, who won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for “Dallas Buyers Club,” will next be seen in “Blade Runner 2049” opposite Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.Disney is in early talks with Jared Leto for the actor to star in and produce a live-action “Tron 3” movie. If the project moves forward, Justin Springer will produce with Leto and Emma Ludbrook involved in some producing capacity. Wednesday sending his co-star Margot Robbie anal beads and a live rat. On the other, this excitement about the opportunity to go and say something else, something new, something different. You know, when I’m acting, I’m provided a list of given circumstances and a character, and the way that I work has generally been around building a character. You’ll be able to live inside a dream if you want to do that.