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Enfp men dating

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i find that they add some stability to my life when i'm inclined to being maybe a little more chaotic. what I've noticed till now that could drawn an ENFP to an INFJ is; their curiosity, shyness, broad image of life, no small talk (weather, football goals) and definitely their cuteness. also, they can be really caring and good at dealing with other people, on an individual basis.In spite of that, she has usually had men interested in her.Traci is active in her church and works with the pre-schooolers.So far, through definite ups and downs (and many “relationship building” discussions), we’ve been married almost 9 years.I didn’t know much at all about personality type when we met, and those insights sure would have been helpful!That was because of her tendency to give them her complete vibrant attention when they talked to her.She's learned how to listen politely without staring and what kind of responses to give appropriate to the interest she actually has. Her shop is consistently busy and she loves helping people and hearing their stories about why they are mailing/copying things.

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So i find myself, having feelings for Guardians and Artisans. But when it actually comes to a talk, there's not much there. Socionics calls this type of relationship extinguishment relations (google for "socionics extinguishment" if you want to read more about this).This kind of match is good for common work and research, because one person helps the other see things from an unusual perspective, but they are very so-so in romantic sense.I've known a few of these types of "extinguishment" couples and they seem very tense and strained after spending a lot of time together.The person was an ENFP (an Extraverted, flexible green), dating an ISTJ (an Introverted, structured gold), and wondering how to make a relationship work between two opposite personality types.I’m a definite ENFP and my husband is a definite ISTJ.Ah, the joys of that first getting-to-know-you period!