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Includes stories from Slender Man, a fictional character that inspired two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls to stab and nearly kill a friend.

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caught up with Estelle to chat about her new album, her newfound confidence and her friend Kanye West’s Grammy Awards rant.EBONY: You don’t shy away from painstakingly revealing yourself and your experiences with fans. Estelle: I use my art kind of like a form of therapy where a lot of people keep things bottled up., the British singer-songwriter has worked with everyone from Robin Thicke to Kanye West. He came in super cool, he spent his three or four hours, he did his shoot. We were really nervous because it was a big drop down and we made it look like we were walking on water. I love Rick Ross." And the love just grows bigger with Cee Lo Green: "Cee Lo was ."Robin Thicke, he’s a real band leader," the "American Boy" singer told Fuse. I learned so much, just physically being in the studio. You go into the studio with someone accomplished as that and everyone expects you to go through the loops and the hoops. He taught me something about being calm and just being cool in the midst of everything." We bet!“It's happened in Malaysia, where my family lives, too.” Her appeal?The fact that she is half Malaysian and half Dutch. When you're not seeing him partying, he lives in the studio. He has so much inside him and he lives in the studio.

He has been stunning in almost all of his TV shows and movies work and this has made him the star he is today. "I love that he travels and he’s been around the world and literally will go and live in another country for a few months and come back with a whole other energy," she added. Sometimes we get lazy and you want to stop and stay where you are and live in the space. Just in the back, chilling, tinkering with things, and then all of the sudden you have this big record … He’s a guy that doesn’t do music for the sake of money. Kanye taught me one of the most valuable lessons in my career, and that’s quality control. and to me, it was just amazing to sit down or be in there at any given time, and really not leave the studio until everything was amazing."The singer also had the chance to work with Chris Brown and, both of whom she holds dear to her heart. There's so much music for Chris, I can't wait to see what he comes [up] with next." a "crazy genius" by her standards as well.He has one sibling whose name is Ellery Sprayberry.He has always made his family and parents very proud with his soulful acting and dedication towards his work., Estelle is done shedding tears and has fallen in love once again. Nobody is gonna love you if you can’t love yourself,” says Estelle.