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Example of a literature review on interracial dating

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That Rose and Caleb are a mixed-race couple isn’t an accident. But I wanted to write a different kind of book—one that featured an interracial relationship in a context where it’s totally NBD that the two main characters aren’t the same race.

Over the years, I’ve dated white guys, black guys, Asian guys, mixed guys—okay, let’s not delve too much into my dating history, but long story short: in the cities where I’ve lived (New York, London, Boston), dating across racial lines is nothing unusual.

(I don’t think I know any of those couples, but hey, they’re probably out there.) I wanted race to be present in Rose and Caleb’s relationship—to be the catalyst for and the subject of some complicated, sometimes uncomfortable conversations between them.

I wanted their racial identities to be what they are for most of us: pieces of who they are that do indeed affect their experiences of the world.

In 1967, the United States Supreme court made it completely legal for an interracial couple to get married.

This law not only proved to America's people that it's okay to be of two different races and get married, but also helped to try to end the segregation of blacks and white in the early 1900's.

In a cybernetic system, there is an agency (person or organization) with a goal.

The agency is constantly comparing the goal, maybe even at a subconscious level, with the outcome.

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Mixed relationships come in all stripes, just like non-mixed relationships, and I’m sure there are some mixed couples who never mention race or talk about their differences.During writing my essay, I have read many stories about people from multiracial marriages and all of them live in happiness, joy and love; raise their children and enjoy much to be together.On the one hand, we are so different with our unique personalities, but on the other hand, we are equal in our rights in this world.But I didn’t want race to be the central of the story. It’s been my truth, certainly—and a truth I don’t see reflected often enough on the page.The publisher is offering a finished book giveaway to one of our readers (US only please)., Rose, the main character, is dealing with her mother’s deteriorating health and the looming possibility that she might have inherited the same devastating illness. Why also throw in sometimes fraught conversations about race between Rose, who is white, and her boyfriend Caleb, who’s black? That’s true for more and more teens all over the country, too.