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Anyway, the strategy worked out, and now a number of outlets are excited about the game.

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The world of sexual fetishes is vast and complicated.

There are some things that turn people on that we can’t quite explain, but usually if the fetish is relatively harmless, you might be willing to give it a go for the right person.

He may be trying hard to win you over, checking you out constantly and doing everything possible to be around you. The interesting thing is that guys feel So why not use this to your advantage when getting sexual with your man? Now this might not be the kinkiest sex idea that you've ever heard, but let me tell you this: It's incredibly powerful. Then just go back to what you were doing previously.

This change of pace for your man is incredibly exhilarating and will keep him constantly wondering when it's going to happen next.

Why head for the cramped space of the wardrobe or cupboard under the stairs when there's a perfectly good bed available?

Because it forces you to try new positions and angles.

So simple, yet very powerful — just remember to use this idea sparingly.

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Get naked, and very gently brush his body, says Green.It's totally normally for couples who've been together a while to get in a rut in and out of the bedroom.You've both moved past trying to impress each other and have fallen into a steady routine filled with predictable dates and standard get-the-job done sex positions.You may even have found yourself just not getting intimate as much lately because the thrill is gone. Giving your man a kiss goodbye every morning when he's leaving the house gets boring very, very quickly.A sucky sex life can ruin a relationship slowly over time, even if the two of you are true soulmates. Listen to renowned relationship expert Michele Weiner-Davis' TEDx Talk about the "sex-starved marriage": You know that feeling when a guy you like wants you really, really bad? A much more powerful way to kiss him is to do it when he's not expecting it and without explanation.You can’t just jump right in and expect everything to work out in your favor.