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After about two years of work we have completed a major upgrade to New River Notes.

Now housed at the Richard Rodgers Theatre for the foreseeable future, the rollicking historical epic is a true arbiter of our times, with its message of inclusivity, passion, diversity and resistance from oppression gaining relevance with every passing day.

More info Following a critically acclaimed run at the Second Stage Theatre, this six-time Tony-winning comic musical lands on Broadway.

He graduated from Marion High School in Marion, Iowa, and attended Yale University, where he received B. Livingston relocated to Chicago and became involved in the local theater scene.

Livingston's first film role was in 1992, in Dolly Parton's Straight Talk.

He was musically inclined from a very young age, and according to acquaintances, he had the ability to listen to any song and play the tune on the piano.

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But he could still pull on his boots, which were always waiting by the kitchen door; he could still reach the fire hall before anyone else; and he could still make sure the station bay doors were unlocked and the exits cleared so that as firefighters arrived, they could get the trucks and equipment moving without a moment's loss. As he reached the steps leading from his porch down to the driveway, he momentarily blacked out – a new medicine had been giving him vertigo – and fell heavily, face first, onto the pavement. Fred lapsed into a coma as an ambulance, operated by first responders he'd known and worked with for years, rushed him to a helicopter so he could be airlifted to the Syracuse Medical Center. He never recovered consciousness and died the next day. That infant daughter, the oldest of seven children, grew up to become my wife.The band became quite popular in the 70s, belting out hits like 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'We Are the Champions'.This incredible singer was famous for his live concerts, having performed in over 700 such shows.He moved to Los Angeles and was cast in supporting roles in Some Folks Call it a Sling Blade and The Low Life.Livingston landed his first role in a major film in 1996's Swingers.She and I and hundreds of others said good-bye to Fred a few days ago, as friends and loved ones gathered in Alexandria Township to celebrate a life that was modest, hardworking, down-to-earth, and honest.