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Players are able to choose and play his or her own "Origin Story," which is the lens through which the entire game is seen and portrayed.The way the player's character sees the world and how the world sees their character is affected by the Origin Story.Daarnaast kun je ook je zelf ingezongen muziekbestanden feite eigenlijk niet anders dan een online winkel, waarmee je heel makkelijk je eigen playlist kunt samenstellen en zo niet meer hoeft te betalen voor liedjes die je toch niet leuk vindt.Ideaal natuurlijk, want het probleem met de vorige Sing Star's op schijfje was, dat ze voornamelijk gericht waren op Britse muziekliefhebbers.The game features Bio Ware's signature "Pause and Play" battle mechanics.For its elements, gameplay, and other reasons, Dragon Age: Origins is commonly referred to by Bio Ware as the spiritual successor to their revered classic roleplaying game, Baldur's Gate 2.

Mocht je dus ook een Play Station Eye of USB-camera hebben, dan kun je ook je eigen videoclips en foto's uploaden.

Dragon Age: Origins is Bio Ware's 2009 dark-fantasy action-RPG.

It features tactical party-based combat that can be played from third person, or a more traditional, isometric top-down view.

The toolset is available for free to registered users of the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins.

One of the major features of the game are the Origin Stories.