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Gurmehar, a student of English literature, launched a social media campaign against the ABVP, upset over the violence in Delhi’s Ramjas College.“I am student from Delhi University.

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The existing site served it no justice and no amount of new collateral at the resort was going to change that. I really wanted to land the project and bring value to the resort.

I cared about Rhonda and James and knew I could help them. ” Something great happens when I commit to “Fuck it.” I become neutral and completely open to feedback.

Now the hard part: How was I going to tell them their business focus was wrong? I start to actually listen and respect my relationship with my clients. And once they realize you’re laying it out there with no judgement, they become candid and respect your honesty. Instead, I see it as an opportunity to collaborate with them and solve their problems. Bitchy Diane likes to remind me my work isn’t good enough.

How would I get them to see my point of view and get on board with my idea of re-designing their collateral Each time, I have to tell Bitchy Diane to settle down and push through that fear of failure. I compare myself to people who have been established five or 10 years longer than me and worry that I will never get to that level. Sometimes it’s worth telling yourself to shut the fuck up. There’s no one waiting to shut down your ideas as soon as you say them.

In My Bag magazine asked 5 photographers what they thought about working for free: Jasmine Star, Tim Wallace, Don Giannatti, David Talley and Simon Bolz: If you’re just starting out in business, I’d highly suggest accepting projects for exposure (as I did), because it’s an effective way to build a portfolio and increase demand.

But there comes a time in a business when you’ve set yourself up to not depend on those types of jobs…In my view agreeing to work for free is the same as saying ‘I’m not sure what I’m doing so won’t charge you’ which then very easily creates a brush that could broadly touch many others in the same industry These days I see ‘free’ as being built into the business model.

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The rating is way off: I have a 12-year-old, and I would never let her use this app.

If Rhonda and James signed me on, it would be my biggest contract to date.

Problem was, ever since, it suffered from inconsistent branding and a lack of traffic in the off season. The resort was going through a rough transition period and with inconsistent funding, they were dipping into their personal savings to keep the resort and marina up and running. I loved the resort and saw big potential to grow its brand, bring more traffic to the resort year round, and hopefully make the “RJ Resort & Marina” place to stay when you visit.

Love people, and love what you do Luckily I was never asked to do a photo production for free. It’s better to turn down a project and stick to your principles than to hope for a career boost which will never happen (trust me).

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