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Data were collected over the course of one day per site and the qualitative analysis was integrated and iterative.

We found Q-RARA to be acceptable to participants and effective in collecting data on organizational function in multiple sites without disrupting the practice, while maintaining a balance between speed and trustworthiness.

Our specific objectives were to measure the relevance and evaluate the representativeness of IAM items for assessing information received by email.

A 3-part mixed methods study was conducted (convergent design).

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Participants were 5596 physician members of the Canadian Medical Association who used the IAM. The relevance of IAM items with respect to their main construct was calculated using descriptive statistics (relevance ratio R).

Dedoose has been field-tested and journal-proven by leading academic institutions and market researchers worldwide.

Thousands of prominent researchers across the US and abroad have benefited from early versions of Dedoose in their qualitative and mixed methods work and have laid an outstanding publication and report trail along the way. social researchers, all of whom are practitioners of mixed methods research.

The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of rigour in qualitative research, present different philosophical standpoints on the issue of quality in qualitative research and to discuss briefly strategies to ensure rigour in qualitative research.

Finally, a mini review of recent research is presented to illustrate the strategies reported by clinical pharmacy researchers to ensure rigour in their qualitative research studies.].