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going gold and quickly approaching its impending and massively anticipated release, its developers are providing more and more details about the game on Twitter.

This time around, we hear about General Manager Aaryn Flynn, Lead Designer Ian Frazier, Creative Director Mac Walters and Producer Fernando Melo.

Speaking about character customization, we learn that there are “some” ethnic hairstyle options for women, and one with braids. Colors for customizing clothes or armor don’t have to be purchased.

They’re all available, and armor customization has “more options than has ever had” A rather neat feature is that Alec Ryder (father of protagonists Scott and Sara) will actually reverse-inherit his looks from your character customization.

Many of these games have been released on PC prior to Steam — and players have been able to enjoy them in their full glory.

But on Steam, the version that developers are releasing don't include nudity.

Definitely wanna see more that happening (and more..interactive). I want more of her soooo bad :3 We haven`t seen her in ages.

And games like Verona Project, Thorne, Secrets of Heaven etc need sequels for proper closure. The animations were very good and gameplay was smooth, the graphics were alright, they could use some tuning, but regardless a very nice game indeed. The interaction was flawless, the animations were perfect. I found it a bit hard to get the girl in the store but other than that it was awesome.

For example, a raunchy Play Station Vita game called which originally released in Japan, saw some alterations on its western release. The last time I saw a decent dick in a game I think it was that Skyrim dick mod I wrote about, and those were just dicks for show. The very first thing you are asked to do is make a decision on how to come out to your flatmates. And I guess there’s also Sepe’s Cumshot, the infamous and really quite charming masturbation browser game, which although it does require you to stroke Sepe to the proverbial, it’s via a disembodied hand that isn’t attached to anyone but your cursor. And there’s also Anna Anthropy’s Sex Cops Of Tickle City, but the dick is in text, which though it’s a pretty powerful and fairly erotic experience to play through, sometimes you just want to look at a person touching a dick. The primary virtue of this Ren’Py based visual novel is that it managed on several occasions to make me nervous, make me feel awkward, shy, make me blush or feel even fairly turned on, and it is obvious at every turn that this was the intended effect on the player.Interestingly, there is an entire “story/plot/quest” with codex entries about Alec Ryder’s Simulated Adaptive Matrix “SAM” artificial intelligence.Last, but not least, Flynn teased the fact that the game lost the “partial nudity” rating descriptor of the past entries of the series and now has “full nudity,” also mentioning that some of the dialogue is “pretty steamy,” and to a fan mentioning that it must be difficult to rate alien nudity/genitals, he responded “you’d be surprised.” He then mentioned that the sex scenes in the game are “totally softcore space porn,” and clarified that he isn’t trolling us about it. Come on to a character too soon and you will ruin your chances of dating them.