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A disco ball spins and glows on party nights, and warm lighting fills the atmosphere.

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It’s impossible to talk about Russia without discussing the legendary beauty of Russian women.

But let me give you my honest opinion: the hype might not be warranted.

There we buy some food for animals, because my son adores feeding them with bread, cookies or apples. There should be some place in his heart for my ethereal love.

To my mind, relationships are similar to building the house of your dream.

Men in Russia can plan their outfits meticulously or cry like little babies with their best friends without the worry of being perceived negatively (AKA Fact. But I know what you really want, and , there are trends that emerge in Russian dating culture that I’ve noticed.

I don’t mean that a relationship with a Russian woman is just a financial transaction, but that Russian dating culture has a strong emphasis on gifts and romance that has largely gone by the wayside in the West. On the one hand, when you’re trawling sites specifically set to match young Russian women to past-their-prime men, you’re an idiot if you think both sides aren’t acting on some predatory/mercenary level. She’s opening the door for you to take the next step and to come in on a deeper level. Like anywhere else, Russian women can be super-feminist, ultra-conservative, want 10 kids, want none, or anything in between.

I work as a holidays manager and I dance from my childhood as a hobby. more about Sandra from Pskov I am lucky - I am a professional dancer and it helps me being in a good shape and mood always)) You know dance is something very sensual and tender - it is a language of love which...

While I agree that there are a lot of incredible women hobbling down the streets of Moscow in towering heels and tight skirts, I think foreigners are often blinded less by their unearthly beauty and more by the level of dedication Russian women have to looking good.

In the States and a lot of Europe, there simply isn’t a culture of always being ‘on’, aesthetically speaking.

more about Masha from Kiev I am a young and active person.

I try to enjoy life and every moment that it gives to me. I think it always helps to decide some problems ...