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When I first started traveling in Eastern Europe and reading the US State Department travel advisories I got the impression that I would need full body armor and automatic weapons to safely navigate Eastern Europe.

As you will hear from us many times, there are always exceptions but by and large you’re more likely to get in to get in real trouble more often by venturing int the wrong neighborhood in a large US city than you will in Eastern Europe.

Just leave them and their battered chalga slut girlfriends alone and they won’t bother you.

Women from Bulgaria have incredible beauty and striking aura that keep men guessing and wishing to meet and date them.

Their shining dark hair, smooth skin, and green or blue eyes complement their above average height.

If she is stronger than you, you are likely to be an emotional burden; therefore, you may not be suitable for her.

You must be emotionally stable and have the strength to absorb their moments of emotional outburst.