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Besides, if the videos are stored on the Camera device, video evidence can be damaged if the Camera is taken away by thieves or burglars. About the storage of videos, we thought about saving them on the Camera devices, but most Camera devices used by our users are old/retired/second-hand/budget phones that do not have a lot of memory.It means that when you log in with your Google account,your username and password are verified by Android. It prevents your video from being hacked between the 2 points in network.5.Your user data is stored securely on Amazon S3, the most secured clouding storage in the world with the highest-quality encryption technologies.6. The transmission takes an extremely short time and is protected by users credentials.We thought about storing the videos on the Viewer device, but a large number of our users have more than 6 Camera devices, so they Viewer device can easily run out of memory too.At this point, the videos are stored in the cloud, and secured by your Gmail account. Information security has been Alfred’s top priority. Alfred has established strict policies and technical barriers to prevent unauthorized access to your data. With the support of top-tier cyber security mechanisms— W3C, Google, Android, and Amazon— Alfred is equipped with the most advanced protection.

The statistics from Australia's very own government cybercrime initiative are a lot lower.If you’ve already heard them, I’ll spare you the recap of the baby monitor hacking horror stories.There’s nothing more stomach-churning than the thought that your baby’s room isn’t completely safe from intruders.One day in Melbourne, when the sun was out and the birds were singing, Matt opened an email and was greeted with a video of a man wanking.The man was him."There I was in all my glory," he told triple j's Veronica & Lewis. A 'ransomware' program had infected his computer allowing the hackers to film him through the webcam. Now they wanted money."There was an email saying they were going to release footage to all my Facebook friends and people I worked with if I don't pay them money.""Initially I laughed."He wrote back. Matt may have been feeling very much alone, but in fact he was part of an emerging trend of ransomware attacks in Australia.Here are the reasons why Alfred is your top choice for secured surveillance:1.